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How can oils help you or your family? They can be used to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and many illnesses. They can help increase focus, happiness, sleep...among others. 


If you have a child who has a lot of anxiety, try rubbing some Peace & Calming on. 


Can't sleep? Snoring? There are several to try: Cedarwood, Peace & Calming, Frankincense...Valor...


Essential Oils


Many parents ask me about alternatives to medications for anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, etc. Counseling will help, over time new skills will be learned that will help combat those troubles. Now, I'm not a medical doctor but counseling along with essential oils or medications may be an alternative for your family.


I'm going to be a little transparent here. I’ve recently started a journey with essential oils and let me tell you, there’s a lot to learn! What I have learned is that essential oils are good for the body. The body absorbs them much faster than medications and there aren’t many side effects (and the side effects that I am aware of may be a rash on the skin, a detox like reaction, sometimes a headache, oil on your hands…briefly). The body uses what it needs and naturally flushes out what it doesn’t.


Why did I turn to essential oils?  Modern medications have stopped working for my son. He has a brain disorder called Chiari Malformation which can cause some pretty debilitating pain at the back of the head. I thought, “why not?” So I ordered the starter kit, was leery at first, but have come to realize they seem to be helping.


I have used the essential oils on my sister-in-law on rope burns from training a horse, a little lavender and then frankincense, and the burn was pain-free and almost gone the next day. My son had wisdom tooth pain, made a “morphine bomb” with the oils and it was gone. Chiari pain, my son said they help a little whereas typical medications don’t touch the pain. I’ve started diffusing some peace & calming and lavender in his room at night and he can’t help but sleep (he’s 17).*


There are several ways to use essential oils, orally, topically, and diffusing. Some of the oils can be taken in a pill form. You put the oils in a capsule and take them like a medication. You can’t use every oil like this though. Most of the oils can be rubbed on the skin at the site of the pain or illness. There are a few oils that are “hot” and will require a carrier oil (like coconut, almond, V6) so that it doesn’t burn the skin. You can also diffuse the oils in a diffuser. You mix the oils with water, turn the diffuser on, and like magic everyone is breathing the oils and becoming a healthier human. You can also mix some in the bath water or breathe them in from the bottle…BE SURE TO ONLY USE 100% PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS otherwise you are risking extra chemicals which can be toxic to you and your family!


I am still in the learning stages…I’m always learning something new. My son also has ADHD and does take medications for it. I would like to make the switch to the oils as the essential oils don’t have the nasty side effects that the modern medications have. As I learn more, I will update. I will be posting pictures of different combinations to use for various conditions that may be helpful to you guys…the oils that help reduce anxiety and stress, increase focus, purify the air to rid this new Enterovirus 68 and respiratory infections and such. I have already started diffusing Thieves and Joy in my house to help cleanse the air floating around us. And will continue until after flu season…


I order my oils here: You can also contact me and order through me. (Young Living #2012364) 


*I am not a medical doctor and, therefore, am not giving medical advice. Please use this advice with caution and, as always, consult your doctor AND do your own extensive research! 


Check here for some back-to-school essential oil remedies from a friend's site: 

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