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Community Resources (this is not a comprehensive list and is ever-changing)


Helpful Phone Numbers:

Runaway Hotline 888-580-4357

National Suicide Hotline 800-273- TALK (8255)

Texas Youth Hotline 800-210-2278

Helping Hands of Rockwall County 972-771-4357

Pregnancy Resource Center of Lake Ray Hubbard 972-772-8292

Child Protective Services of Rockwall 972-771-6366

LifePath Systems Early Childhood Intervention 972-722-7016 


Helpful Online Resources About Adolescents and Teens:

Developmental Stages (Stages of adolescence) (Growth for the 13-18 yr old and kid friendly) (Developmental milestones for teens) (social development and dating)


Drugs (about teens and drug abuse)


Depression & Suicide (Parent's Guide to Teen Depression) (teen suicide prevention sheet)


Self-injury (cutting) (About self-injury and cutting)



Helpful Online Resources About Babies and Young Children:

Developmental Stages  Is your child developing on target? Another developmental milestone resource Information about birth injuries and/or symptoms to watch for


Signing/Communication Local sign language instructor. Sign language is a great tool to help young children     communicate with you (and you can start when your child is just a baby)!


Helpful Online Resources for Parents & Caregivers: Guide to raising healthy children


Behavior Concerns Help with behavior challenges When Love & Logic isn't enough OR your child has attachment problems How food affects mental health, specifically anxiety & depression


ADD/ADHD (and Oppositional Defiant) ADD, ADHD resource (ADHD) Parenting the Oppositionally Defiant Child



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