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I do not accept health insurance...

There are many reasons, let me tell you why. Honestly, it's a hassle. It's not that you aren't worth the extra trouble but since I'm only one person, I can't focus my energy and efforts on you, your child, and/or your family if I'm thinking about bills that have to be sent and if your insurance has paid. Another reason, it can be painfully slow to pay for services and claims typically have to be filed or appealed multiple times.


One thing that is nice about counseling is that it is confidential while you are in the office. That means no one but us knows what happens in session. But when you choose to use your insurance, you lose that confidentiality because I have to hand over notes about sessions. The other thing about that is that I have to give you or your child a mental health diagnosis. Insurance companies are making it harder and harder for you to get the treatment you deserve to be emotionally healthy, thus I have to come up with a diagnosis that will be in your medical record.


If you still choose to use your insurance, all of the necessary forms should be accessible to you through my secure site (where you can schedule appointments). You can print or download (save a tree!) those and submit them. You will probably want to sign a Release of Information in case your insurance company calls me to ask more questions. Even though you submitted the claim, I cannot even acknowledge that you are my client unless the form is signed.

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