Are you struggling with your child's behavior?


Is your child struggling with big emotions?

Attention problems?

Big worries or anxiety?

Sensory issues?


Has your child experienced a traumatic event?


Does he or she have a lot of medical issues that could be impacting his or her emotional development?


Humans are complicated creatures and we all deal with issues differently. Many times, you may have sought comfort and/or advice from your friends or family and haven't gotten anywhere OR you don't want to share that much info with them. Counseling is a great choice for that. Your therapist will keep your information confidential, just between the 2 of you.


Deciding to seek a counselor is a huge decision. It usually means you are ready for a positive change, whether it's in you, your child, or the relationship with your child. I will support you through the difficult time and help guide you in the direction you'd like to go.


Counseling is a process and sometimes it can be a long process, we ask that you hang in there with me as we work together. It is not my intention to continue services with you forever, it's my job to work myself out of a job.


Articles & Resources

Therapy Services

- Child Counseling

- Play Therapy

- Counseling for      Adolescents

- Teen Counseling

-Parent Education

-Counseling for Young Adults (College Students

Other Services

- Counseling for children with chronic illness

- Parent Coaching

- Review of Treatment Plans

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

- Parenting through Divorce

Face-to-Face or Virtual Therapy Services

- Child Counseling

- Play Therapy (with parents & young children)

- Teen Counseling

-Parent Consultations

-Counseling for Young Adults (College Students)

Child Counseling

Sometimes children have trouble coping with different stressors in their lives and, while I like to incorporate the whole family into therapy, sometimes it is best to focus on improving the skills the child is trying to use. For this reason, I do child therapy individually and in small groups as well.

Individual child counseling often looks a lot like play time. Play is extremely important in the lives of our little ones, it teaches them vital skills for the rest of their lives. Therefore, play is essential when a child is having problems. Through structured play, the child therapist often can get to the root of a problem and help the child learn more appropriate skills to cope with it. Some other activities I like to use in therapy with children include sand play, books, art, games, and other activities like going for a walk near the office. Keeping a child's hands busy often helps calm them and allows them to talk more freely.

Even adolescents and teens enjoy playing (though they often hide that from their parents). In adolescent counseling, I use games, art activities, sand play, walks, etc. to enourage discussion and to process the issues in their worlds. It's "normal" for your adolescent or teen to do one of 2 extremes...resist counseling (they don't like to feel forced) or ask to go...Just remember, if you give in and let your child miss a session because he/she doesn't want to go, you are setting the boundaries as such and the child will then think he/she can always get his/her way.

Family Therapy

In family therapy, I work with you to learn to live together peacefully. I require all family members present each session, it shows the desire to work together for a positive change. Often times, "homework" is assigned and follow-through is expected as situations rarely get better without everyone doing their parts. In family therapy, I use different activities that encourage families to communicate and work together. Families in therapy may see quick changes or slow changes, either is fine, afterall we aren't creating THE perfect family, we are enhancing YOUR perfect family.

Parent Consultations

Is your child developing on target? Your child's pediatrician should go through a brief checklist with you during those important checkups but you still aren't sure if you should be concerned about your child's inability to speak correctly or maybe don't know when that first word should come, I can help. I have years of experience working with young children in early intervention and can provide you with knowledge and skills to help calm your concerns.

What about parenting in general? I do that too! I love working with parents who want to better themselves! I can coach you through some of the most challenging parts of parenting, help you create a new plan, generate new ideas, etc.

Parenting Classes


These aren't the typical parenting classes. I offer parenting classes with the foundations of a type of therapy called Filial Therapy, specifically Child-Parent Relationship Training. The classes work to build the relationship between you and your child. Oftentimes once the relationship is strengthened, behavioral problems at  home decrease and the stress in the family improves. During the class, typically 1 child is focused on but multiple children will benefit from the skills learned in session.


If the parents are married, both parents are encouraged to attend. If there are step-parents involved, they are encouraged to attend as well. Divorced parents are encouraged to attend BUT if parent's cannot get along, they will need to attend separate classes.


Attendance at all classes is mandatory once they begin. Missing a class could change the dynamics of the group. If you can't attend group classes, I can provide CPRT individually. Meeting in a small group with other parents is offers a supportive environment for you to become the best parent you can be.


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Coaching for the College-Bound


I spent many years in college and financial aid advising in my previous career. If you or your child aren't sure about the ins and outs of the college world, a few sessions with me may be just what you are looking for. I can help you clarify your educational goals, navigate the college application, financial aid, and even goodness-of-fit based on your desired plans.

These sessions not only address life goals and striving to reach your career goals with as little initial stress as possible, but we can work through some of the stress, anxiety, depression, or whatever complicated feelings or situations you have.

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