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Evan is licensed in TX (in-person & virtual) & CO (virtual)

Dancing at Home
Individual Sessions for Kids & Play Therapy (ages 0+)


Individual sessions are with the child and therapist in the playroom for the duration of the scheduled time. This allows for safe and confidential sharing and processing of information.


Typically, individual sessions are around 45 minutes each depending upon the age, developmental level, and needs of the child and/or family. Prices run from $100/session.


Initial session is typically with the parent(s)/guardians without the child to discuss concerns and background information. The initial session can last from 50-80 minutes.


Please contact me to learn more about services!














Child Therapist

For the Older Kids (ages 11+)


When kids hit about 11, it seems like life just gets harder. They start distancing themselves from their parents, maybe you notice more mood swings, isolating themselves, spending all their waking hours on their phones or games...

I incorporate many things (such as music, gaming, pop culture, and/or art) into sessions to help tweens & teens feel emotionally safe enough to allow me to tag along on their journies.


Contact me to find out more and so we can get you on the schedule! Email or call 972-734-1985

Please contact me to learn more about services!

Young Man in Therapy
Young Adults/College Students
Transitioning to an adult can be challenging. We grow up thinking it will be SOOO much better without our parents or caregivers hovering over us...and in some ways (and in some situations) it definitely is...but it can also be hard.
Sometimes we have to face some pretty deep emotions to be able to move forward. I can help support you through that.
Sometimes college transitions are tricky...and lonely...and frustrating. And what happens if the career path you thought you wanted is definitely not a great fit? I can help with that too.
What about financial aid? Applying for scholarships? Other things like that...I can help with that too!
Happy Family
Parent Consultations

Parent Consultation is when the counselor works with the parent(s) as part of the team to help resolve conflicts, address concerns, help with attachment, etc. 


Parent Education can be at the office or via phone or video, if warranted (this option will be addressed prior to the appointment).

*Parent consultations aren't typically covered by insurance.



Ruby Dec 21.jpg
Animal Assisted Play Therapy

Meet Ruby & Dibs! Ruby is a Sheepadoodle and Dibs is a Goldendoodle. Both dogs are poodle mixes so they have hair instead of fur, which helps reduce the allergens. We are in training to provide Animal Assisted Play Therapy.

What is AAPT?

Animal Assisted Play Therapy (AAPT) is when the animal of choice is integrated into the play sessions with the kids. When Ruby or Dibs (and your child) wants to be a part of the session, Ruby or Dibs will help me by working with your child to meet their treatment goals.

They don't attend every session but as they advance in training (and age) and when one of them wants to, they will be there :)

Online Shopping



I am in-network with most BCBS PPO plans, UHC, Optum, Oscar, and Aetna (and their affiliated plans). 

Prices for sessions typically range from $125-165. 

I accept cash, credit, and debit payments.


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*While I will try everything I can, please remember that no guarantees are made in counseling and no refunds are issued due to the very nature of the emotional work being done. I do promise to give you support and encouragement on your journey.

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