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Behavioral Consults 

for Preschools, Daycare Centers, & After-School Care Programs

Do you have a couple of challenging children at your center? 

Does your staff needs more training to handle challenging behavior (of any kind)?

Do you want your center to stand out among the choices near you?

Do you really care about the success of your students in their future?

If you can answer "yes" to any of those questions a behavioral consult may be just what is needed. Children are getting expelled from their preschool classrooms at alarming rates for challenging behavior. That behavior is the child letting adults know that he or she cannot handle something in their life and they show it with big emotions, biting, hitting, yelling, crying, etc. Staff and parents become stressed and the tension just grows. Many times the behavior can be addressed with play based interventions and/or staff training.


When you contract with me for behavioral consults, all you have to do is call me to let me know your concerns, let the child's parents know, and we schedule time for the observation. I will do a 45-minute to 60-minute observation in your center and provide you a written report with my recommendations for the child and/or teacher. If you decide to continue to contract, I can provide play based interventions for the child at the center and I can also provide staff training to help them handle tough children seamlessly. 

When behaviors are addressed at the source, the children feel heard and supported, and the behavior improves, stress decreases, and the children are better set up for success later in life. It can set your center ahead of others in the area because it shows you really care about the children AND your staff. Happy staff creates better learning environments for children.

If you would like to schedule a phone consult or meeting, email me at or call 469-264-7245.

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