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For Play Therapy, Child Counseling, Parent Coaching, & Behavioral Consultations at Preschools
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Evan Woodall, EdS
Licensed Professional
Counselor Supervisor
Registered Play Therapist in TX & CO
Call or Text 972-734-1985
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For Children 3 & up, Adolescents, and Teens
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Jennifer Milligan, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor
Call or text 972-734-1985
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For Children, Teens, & Adults, and Psychological Testing
Dr. Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett, PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Call or Text 469-264-7245
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For Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Couples, & Families
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Jacinda Andrews, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor
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Just Be There.


Depression is a crazy creature. It will kick you while you’re down. It doesn’t care about your age, skin color, height, weight, or anything else. It doesn’t always look like sadness and crying. It doesn’t always look like cuts on skin or black hair and makeup. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it. Whether it’s you who is suffering or a loved one, ask. Be there. Listen. Don’t offer advice. Just. Be. There. 

Quoteable Quotes


"When a kid says, 'smell my hand,' it almost never smells like cinnamon."

~Brian P. Cleary


Sometimes you have to talk to a two-year old just so you can understand life again. ~Unknown

​Mindful Parenting

Mindfulness is the awareness we get when we pay attention to something(s) on purpose. Mindful parenting is when you gain awareness in everyday parenting situations in order to better connect with your child.


Kids have problems or they just want to talk to someone other than their parent(s). They get stressed. And even though you've tried your best, your child still stuggles..Maybe you notice in his behavior, attitude, friendships or lack thereof, or even grades.

Counseling for Kids

Older kids and teens live in a unique and complicated world...and their problems match it. Counseling can be helpful when your older child/teen exhibits problems.

Adolescent & Teen Counseling
Family Counseling & Parent Education

Parenting is the most challenging job around. There's not a manual. No 2 kids are the same. Everyone wants to offer unsolicited advice. How about personalized help to make your life a little easier?

Counseling Adults

Sometimes we all need someone outside of our family and friends to process aspects of our lives with. A good therapist will listen without judgment to help you work through and heal emotional discomfort.

Psychological Testing

Dr. Bennett now offers psychological testing such as:

MMPI for adults & adolescents

Conners 3 for ADHD

IQ Testing

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